Fiorentini s.p.a

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It’s our job to offer different options to costumer in cleaning sector. We havedifferent brands distiributorship. Fiorentini is one of them. We are distiributor of FIORENTINI since 25 years.

It’s our pleasure to give you information about FIORENTINI;

ING.O.FIORENTINI S.r.l designs and manufacturing industrial cleaning machines since 1978. As well as manufacturing and contracting machines in Italian and European market.

FIORENTINI manufacturing wide range of floor washing machines, vacuum cleaners, floor polishing machines, carpet cleaning machines, electronic vehicles & etc.

FIORENTINI has got 80 percentage mechanic machines and very easy useful. It’s offer best combination quality and price possibilities.

In brief FIORENTINI produces high quality products. It’s technology leader in the sector and also present in the Middle East market at the same time.