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IBC want to introduce quality and best brands. At the same time IBC is major distributor of RUBBERMAID since 10 years. IBC is the main distributor and importer of the RUBBERMAID brand since 10 years, always like offer to offer the best quality in hygiene.

It’s our pleasure in respect of IBC to give you information about Rubbermaid;

It was founded in 1920 with 9 businessman Wooster Rubber company. First of all it manufacture “toy balloon”.

In 1933, they received a patent for rubber dust and name by RUBBERMAID in the field of kitchen products.

In 1934, Rubbermaid enter in a joint venture with a new company and began producing household products under the Rubbermaid brand.

In 1999 Newel bought RUBBERMAID and new name keep as Newell Rubbermaid.

In brief, Rubbermaid is an American producer and distributor of many household goods. It's a subsidiary of Newell Brands. It’s known as best manufacturer of food storage containers and trash cans/bins etc.