Expertise in Import and Export

To become one of Turkey's leading foreign trade companies


When we started to introduce the first industrial cleaning machines in Turkey, the revolution in the cleaning sector could not be realized. Since then, IBC Group has always been a pioneer in the cleaning industry.

Our group has been closely following the developments in the sector all over the world and the economical and long-lasting products that offer comfortable and comfortable business are gathered under the umbrella of IBC Group.

We are participating in the brand and add new ones every day that we represent and represent our customers, and we are protecting the stocks that can respond instantly to our customers' needs.

Our technical service network and spare parts support for the products we sell are under the guarantee of our quality and professionalism.

ISILTAN A.Ş. aims to be a "best" player with its customer focused business strategy, to give importance to human resources, to forget that development is a source of resources, to make business morality and honesty a "indispensable" condition and to be a world player in the awareness that it gives strength to our country. Our basic principles.


IBC Group deals with mainly export sectors:

  • Humanitarian aid contracts exports
  • Automotive and Subsidiary Industry
  • Exports of Durable Consumption and sub-industry
  • Food, Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exports

Humanitarian Aid Contracts

Işıltan A.Ş., which is active in the region, has been working on Human Contracts for many years.There are various super structured vehicles, small household items, hygiene kits, baby diapers, hygienic pets, bedding, school bags, stationery materials, winter clothes, boots, tents and interior equipment for humanitarian aid organizations in many countries in the world, etc. Supplies and exports materials from the domestic market.


Automotives and models produced in Turkey provide to buyers in need countries; to provide automotive spare parts, to advise and mediate them, to prepare and obtain the necessary certification documents. The IBC Group, which mainly exports commercial vehicles, has a wide range products from super structured vehicles and produces synergies with the producers in the Far East countries and with the producers in the inner market, to provide the requests of the foreign buyers.

Durable Consumption

Işıltan A.Ş has been active in durable goods since its inception. It exports these products to external buyers as brand and no-name.

Household Appliances: Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Laundry Drying Machines, Dishwashers, Ovens, Mini-Midi Ovens, Microwave Ovens, Aspirators, Hobs

Electronic devices: TV Sets, LCD TV, Music Sets, Satellite Receivers, DVD-Video, Fax-Phones, Personal Computers, Home Theater Systems, Plasma Monitor Accessories

Heaters: Boilers , Water Heaters, Quartz Stoves, Radiators, Furnaces , Stove

Air conditioners: Mono Split Air Conditioners, Multi Split Air Conditioners, Living Room Air Conditioners, Floor Air Conditioners, Window Air Conditioners

Vacuum Cleaners and Cleaning Machines: Wet / Dry Vacuum Cleaners, Carpet Washing Machines, Industrial Type Cleaning Machines

Small Home Appliances: Mini Ovens, Water Boilers, HandHeld  Vacs, Irons , Fans , Personal Care Products, Food Grinders

Cabinets: TV Cabinets, Music Set Cabinets


IBC provides all kinds of support for producers to market their food products to their natural markets and communicates market knowledge with it’s experience.

Pulses and cereals, tomato paste, canned food, pasta, biscuits and confectionery, soft drinks, meat and meat products, vegetable oil and margarine, dried fruits, Is the firm that wants to export and import food products.