IBC Companies Group CEO Message


It’s our story about setting to reach our goal...

We have set out on this path so time non-returnable stream, it is time to produce stable projects, make good use of the time, and leave beautiful works behind us, successful companies behind us.

Considering the modest conditions, dimension of the days when the IBC Group was founded, which always builds up its future on diligence, honesty, determination to succeed and ethical values, this point reached within 90 years with the leadership of our previous generations is the kind of pride for all of us.

Stability and permanency IBC has always been an indispensable in every period of business, and we have always carried our group to "do the business you know best". IBC has always preferred to adapt itself to changing conditions and to grow with cautious but decisive steps by foreseeing ahead.

We prioritize not only the goals of turnover as IBC, business volume and profitability, but also the "change of mentality" in our company. The IBC Group's main objective in the new era is to adapt our day-to-day intellectual capital, which has been entrusted to us, accumulated experience and expertise and brand reputation, to sustainable and profitable growth.

"The time is showing tomorrow for the IBC." We do our best to make the ever best, and we are working to be ready for the next stage when we do not stop ... We have set our times to IBC future. We will continue to proceed with confident steps towards the future, guided by our correct strategy and tactics as well as our timely values.

In addition, despite the all difficulties face in 2016, it has been a year that we took important steps in our new roadmap. In the year 2017, we will continue to provide new seedlings despite all the positive and negative processes that will challenge our firm, which has consolidate its roots as IBC group.

In brief we always focus on our own work and we think for long terms.


With my sincere regards,
İsmet Işıltan BALABANLI
President & CEO