The IBC Group has taken on the responsibility of social responsibility, environmental awareness, conscious, good quality and clean industry.

To comply with environmental obligations in all its activities,

Employees should work with environmental responsibility and consciousness,

Continuously improving its environmental standards,

By constantly monitoring the progress in meeting the environmental commitment,

To seek for a common solution to global and local environmental problems by sharing their experience in improving the environmental performance in the industrial society,

Being a leading Community of the sector in our country by being sensitive to environmental, health and safety expectations and community needs, as our main mission.

The Environmental Policy for IBC Group; "Sustainable Development and Environmental Conservation" is the way out of all the processes in all group companies;

To comply with international laws and regulations and other obligations related to the environment, international legislation approved by International Institutions and Turkish Grand National Assembly,

To prevent environmental pollution by following technological developments with scientific researches and to continuously improve environmental performance,

To protect natural resources and to use them in the most efficient way,

Contributing to continuous development by creating environmental goals and targets,

All the employees of IBC Group companies are educated about the environment and we want to increase awareness of environmental responsibility of all our employees from top management to the bottom units,

Communicating with all interested parties and sharing information when necessary,

It endeavors and undertakes to support environmental activities of official and private organizations and participate in environmental activities.