1927 - 1942

Foundation Period

Foremost IBC started with Mohair trade in Beypazarı.

1942 - 1963

Formation Period

Many years in the name of "Bombarse Balaban", the trade life has continued in the sector of texting and household goods in Polatlı.


Development Period

Started to trade in Ankara , at the same time three big stores opened in Ankara with durable goods and electronic equipments, many families of that period met with modern household appliances.


Transision Period

It has been one of the leading companies in the cleaning sector by passing through the durable goods sector to the cleaning sector.It become of the leading organisation in the cleaning sector.

2000 - 2017

Rising (growth) Period

Our company has become a corporate organization and started to serve all Turkey and Turkic Republics from Antalya center.