Essential important is not our vision, but what our vision done.

Our Vision

  • Be customer-focused. To create a service infrastructure that will provide customer satisfaction at the highest level,
  • Ensuring that IBC products are embraced by large mass in our country and abroad,
  • To provide stability , quality, speed and reliability in IBC products,
  • To achieve stable, efficient and profitable growth,
  • Contributing to the Turkish economy and give the lead the development of the sector,
  • To monitor the human resources management policies that will make the employees say "Well there is IBC"
  • To raise up personnel productivity and communication skills to the highest level through trainings,
  • To follow up and implement technological developments.

Our Mission

  • Being the leader in the sector with our quality products under our distributorship,
  • Making the products a brand name of the sector by providing high quality, distribution fast and with genial face,
  • Being a leading company contributing to the development of the sector , showing examples of relationships with customers, employees, private or public institutions and organizations.

Our Values

  • Transparent ,honest and ethical, respectful to Human , Environmentally sensitive, Creative and innovative, customer focused, supporting the development of Employees,consider importance to Team work.