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IBC company goal is always to be innovative and provide to our customers with the best quality and services. 25 years ago, we brought innovation and innovation to Turkey as a Numatic International Distributor, and we have been presenting this brand to our customers as a major distributor since 25 years.

As IBC , it’s our pleasure to give information about Numatic;

In 1969 Numatic was founded in England. It began to provide services in a small garage with 6 employee. First of all Numatic manufactured ordinary stuffs and electric vacuum cleaner.

By the year 1971, a new place was found and moved to new place because increase demand for work. Occasionally the factory has been inundated between 5 and 10 cm since it is near the new site located river side, but this has not affected any impact on production.

In 1973 Numatic entered new sector about Professional cleaning industrial products. Such as housekeeping cart, dry and wet vacuum machine etc, began to produce new products.

In 1974, because of further growth work and increased produce to goods, production line became a factory. Numatic moved new more big area again. Numatic could not have guessed 20 years ago that this factory would be Henry's home. Numatic still continue service and stay at same area.

In 1990 Numatic company bought that area still. The 21st century has begun to more progress with more solid steps.

In 1995 Numatic get more demand from other countries. So Numatic opened new organisations in France, Germany and Netherlands to provide better services.

The secret of Numatic 's success is the sincerely smiles and close to the customers. They have also used these features in the design of some of their products. They also say that talking to the customers is a smile on their faces.

In briefly, NUMATIC is an innovative company with a high quality standard, based on the cleanliness of the products that deserve the value of the price. It is the top 5 in the world in its sector.